Garden Pest Update

The waste of my garden pest. Can anyone identify?

The waste of my garden pest. Can anyone identify?

Using my first-rate detective skills, I’ve determined that I’ve got a woodchuck creeping in my garden. There is a large hole not far from the garden which I assume is the entrance to its burrow. There is another smallerĀ hole a few feet away which would be a second entrance/exit.

After doing extensive research (checking out Wikipedia), I’ve learned that a woodchuck and groundhog are one and the same. Groundhogs sound much less intrusive, I mean who doesn’t love Punxsutawney Phil? What do woodchucks have going for them- that awful cider?

The most interesting thing I found out about woodchucks/groundhogs are that they’re sometimes called whiste-pigs. I’m too lazy to look up the origin of the name but not too lazy to find out that WhistlePig is the name of a whiskey brand that was featured in an episode of Breaking Bad during the final season. You are welcome for that useless fact!

I think my best bet for dealing with the woodchuck/groundhog/whistle-pig is to build a fence around the garden and stake it firmly in the ground. This will require digging about a foot down to make sure the garden is protected.

This will take some planning and building. I’ll have to figure out too how to build a gate for easy access. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.