Garden Pest Update

The waste of my garden pest. Can anyone identify?

The waste of my garden pest. Can anyone identify?

Using my first-rate detective skills, I’ve determined that I’ve got a woodchuck creeping in my garden. There is a large hole not far from the garden which I assume is the entrance to its burrow. There is another smaller hole a few feet away which would be a second entrance/exit.

After doing extensive research (checking out Wikipedia), I’ve learned that a woodchuck and groundhog are one and the same. Groundhogs sound much less intrusive, I mean who doesn’t love Punxsutawney Phil? What do woodchucks have going for them- that awful cider?

The most interesting thing I found out about woodchucks/groundhogs are that they’re sometimes called whiste-pigs. I’m too lazy to look up the origin of the name but not too lazy to find out that WhistlePig is the name of a whiskey brand that was featured in an episode of Breaking Bad during the final season. You are welcome for that useless fact!

I think my best bet for dealing with the woodchuck/groundhog/whistle-pig is to build a fence around the garden and stake it firmly in the ground. This will require digging about a foot down to make sure the garden is protected.

This will take some planning and building. I’ll have to figure out too how to build a gate for easy access. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Who or What’s Been in My Garden?

Last post I wrote about some animal using my garden for their own personal bathroom. I guess the garden’s location and aesthetics appealed to whatever animal plopped down and marked their territory there. My assumption that it is indeed a what and not a who. I really hope I’m right on that one.

If I want to stop this animal from getting into my garden, I have to figure out what it is so I can choose the best strategy. I don’t want to go all Taken on whatever it is; I’d rather deal with it humanely.

Entry to the home of my garden pest

Entry to the home of my garden pest

There is a hole about 10 feet from my garden. I put out an appeal to find out what it could be and my good friend Becky sent me this site.  Thanks Becky! The page helps identify animals pests by what their ground holes and waste look like. The ground hole in my yard is to the right.

Our backyard is wooded and near creek so the possibilities are endless. By using deductive reasoning and the above guide, I’ve narrowed down the possible critters to a  raccoon, rabbit or woodchuck.

I’m thinking the best strategy is to build a chicken wire fence, 2-3 feet high around the perimeter of the garden. I haven’t seen any evidence of burrowing, just damage on top of the garden.

If anyone has any other ideas on how to stop a garden pest, I’d love to hear them.